Full name and orig. publication: Loxostigma C.B.Clarke in A. & C. DC., Monogr. phan. 5/1: 59 (July 1883).

Etymology:. From the Greek λοξος, loxos = oblique, and στιγμα, stigma = stigma, referring to the obliquely bilamellate stigma.

Synonyms: -

Infrafamilial position: Didymocarpoid Gesneriaceae - "Advanced Asiatic and Malesian genera" (Weber 2004).

Description: Terrestrial or epiphytic herbs, with underground rhizome or the lower part of the stem creeping and rooting. Leaves membranous, usually opposite, strongly anisophyllous. Internodes sometimes condensed, giving irregular pseudowhorls of leaves. Cymes pedunculate, flowers 1-2 to many. Sepals free or almost free to base. Corolla tubular, ventricose in the middle, spotted within. Stamens 4, filaments curved, those of the upper pair slightly longer; anthers equal, cohering by their tips either all or in pairs, opening downwards. Nectary cupular. Ovary sessile, elongate; stigma obliquely bilamellate. Fruit sessile, somewhat compressed laterally, dehiscing loculicidally along both edges. Seed with or without an appendage at each end.

Chromosome number: Unknown.

Species number: 7 (or more).

Type species: Loxostigma griffithii (Wight) C.B.Clarke

Species names (incl. publication and synonyms): See Skog, L.E. & J.K. Boggan. 2005: World checklist of Gesneriaceae: http://persoon.si.edu/Gesneriaceae/Checklist.

Distribution: S China (Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi), N Vietnam.

Ecology: Terrestrial or epiphytic herbs growing on damp, mossy rocks or on tree trunks in forests; 600 - 2600m.

Notes: The genus apparently forms another link between the former tribes Didymocarpeae and Trichosporeae. Three species have tailed seeds (similar as in Lysionotus) and are epiphytic. Characters not found otherwise in the Trichosporeae are: (a) thin, membranous leaves, (b) ventricose corolla spotted within (similar as in Briggsia).

Selected references: Rosser & Burtt, Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 29: 39-58 (1969), anat.; Burtt, Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 34: 101-106 (1975), Wang et al. in Wu & Raven (eds.), Fl. China 18: 372-374 (1998) (Chinese spp.); Hilliard, in Grierson & Long, Fl. Bhutan 2(3): 1305-1306 (2001), reg. rev.

Bibliography: See Skog, L.E. & J.K. Boggan. 2005. Bibliography of the Gesneriaceae. 2nd edition: http://persoon.si.edu/Gesneriaceae/Bibliography.


Loxostigma griffithii (Wight) C.B.Clarke, type species

C.B. Clarke, Commelyn. Cyrtandr. beng., t. 51 (1874), as Dichrotrichum griffithii

Loxostigma griffithii (Wight) C.B. Clarke

Cult. RBG Edinburgh, phot. A. Weber (2002)

Loxostigma griffithii (Wight) C.B. Clarke

Cult. RBG Edinburgh, phot. A. Weber (2002)


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